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      My name is Judy McNeal and I am a small minority business owner in Madison, Wisconsin.  I created QB's Magnetic Creations in memory of my mother, Qubie.  My company allows me to work towards finding peace and give honor to my mom.  My goal is to build a company that will flourish and enable me to give back to the community in memory of my mother. Care, quality, and remembrance is the root of my business and the reason for the name as she truly was the epitome of giving.  It is important to let you know that while the name has so much meaning - I was going to name any company I created 'QB' because of the significance.

      Let me tell you a little history on the evolution of QB's Magnetic Creations.  Years ago, I worked at a company that gave me a couple of different options to wear my name badge—the choices were pretty bleak and I desired something different.  Eventually, that desire led me down the path of inspiration and I made myself a magnetic jewelry badge holder.  This is a picture of me below wearing my first magnetic badge holder.  I recall how professional and unique it made me feel.

      Interestingly enough - each day that I wore my magnetic badge holder I found that many of my coworkers and friends loved it too!  I set out on a mission to locate a provider but I quickly found that competition left a void.  They focused more on functionality and less on fashion.  This presented me with an opportunity fill the void and QB’s Magnetic Creations was created.  I stepped in to provide customers with a classy, secure, way to wear their name badge without sacrificing functionality or damaging their clothing.  I still smile when I recall one of my customers saying "What a Way to Wear it."

      My product provides customers with the perfect alternative.  They can now replace boring lanyards and badge reels with beautiful Magnetic Jewelry Badge Holders.  They attach to clothing with magnets instead of clips or pins so there is no limit to where you can wear them.  I found that while customers loved the concept, not all of them wore name badges so this presented me with an opportunity for another creation - the Magnetic Brooches.  They are a must-have for customers looking for modern and vintage brooches that are beautiful and will not damage garments - away with the pins!  Years of customer feedback led to a break-through moment in the middle of the night and that is when the wonderful Magnetic Jewelry Strings were born!  My vision was to create something with limitless possibilities and the Magnetic Jewelry String does just that.  This awesome product is so versatile.  The Magnetic Jewelry Strings brings life to jackets, sweaters, shirts, dresses, bridal wear, hats, scarfs, boots, shoes, and just about anywhere your imagination takes you.

      My products set the bar high!  They are not only beautiful but properly assembled and adhered to guarantee optimum quality to ensure your complete satisfaction on all levels.  My company would not thrive without providing you with great customer service - pride is a must for success.

      I have been on this path for quite some time and I've learned many things along the way.  The most important is trust as that is the foundation for relationships – my customers trust me and I don't take that for granted.  While in-person selling has always been my all-time favorite (I love communicating and building relationships with customers) - I'm excited to have my online store up and going so that I can meet my customers where they are.  My goal is to translate the in-person feel to online and it's important to me to make you all feel at home and welcome.

      My motto is "Stay grounded and focused by having your core values in place." 

      QB’s values of trust, caring, quality, integrity, and creativity are essential to who I am and how successful my company will be.

      Thank you, friend!